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15° World Kendo Championships 2012 – Novara – Italy


Message from Gianfranco Moretti, President of CIK – Confederazione Italiana Kendo

Dear Friends,

I can express the feelings of all CIK’s members in saying that we are very excited about the opportunity of hosting in Italy the 15th World Kendo Championships. We are committed to accomplish this task in such a way that this event can be remembered by all participants for the outstanding organization and the ‘mediterranean’ warmth of our hospitality.

A specific Organizing Committee has been appointed to face the efforts required by this event. I am sure that its members will not walk alone and they will get support and energy from all the people belonging to the passionate CIK’s family.

Gambatte !


Message from Mauro Navilli, President of the 15th WKC Organizing Committee

On behalf of the Committee, I wish to thank President Moretti and CIK’s Board of Directors in trusting us for this very challenging task.

We do have the possibility to make a dream come true: reciprocate the hospitality received from all the other organizing countries, since 1976, year of our first participation to a World Kendo Championships.

Our team will follow sober and simple guidelines, putting the rigorous practice of kendo and the feeling of hospitality on the very top of our priorities list.

In this way, we will also be able to show our appreciation to all the persons, and they are many indeed, who teached us, who helped us in our research, who practiced with us, who gave us their attention, their knowledge and their friendship.

I am sure that we will share together an exciting experience and, to all the people who will help us in making this event an unforgettable one, I want to say: Thank You!